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Our Mission

To provide outstanding health care to the communities we serve through an uncompromising focus on clinical quality, compassionate service, and the creation of a medical "safe haven" for our patients and their families.

Our Vision
We will become the best community hospital in our region by:
  • Making the quality of the care we provide the overarching goal of all our efforts, and the standard by which we measure and communicate our success
  • Attracting and retaining the most talented people at all levels of the institution by rewarding performance and providing the ongoing training and education to sustain professional growth
  • Promoting and sustaining candid dialogue with the communities we serve so that the services we offer accurately reflect their evolving health care needs
  • Maintaining an honest appraisal of our limitations as a community hospital as well as our strengths, so that we earn and retain the trust of our patients by securing the care they need at another institution if we do not have the capacity to provide it ourselves
  • Making targeted investments in facilities and medical technology to sustain the infrastructure needed for clinical excellence
  • Adopting prudent and responsible fiscal policies to ensure that we always remain a valued and viable community resource
  • Acknowledging both the critical importance of the medical staff to successfully accomplishing our mission and the unprecedented challenges they face in terms of their incomes, quality of life, and job satisfaction, and finding innovative methods of partnering with them for mutual benefit and improved patient care
  • Creating a culture where mutual respect, trust, compassion, integrity, transparency, and teamwork are lived values that inform everything we do, and that flow naturally from our commitment to our mission
Our Core Values
The New Milford Hospital family of employees, volunteers, and physicians is dedicated to a set of core values regarding the treatment of patients, visitors, and each other on a daily basis.
  • We will always treat everyone with respect.
  • We will always provide compassionate care.
  • We will always maintain professional excellence.
  • We will always respect individual dignity.
  • We will always work as a team.
We set high standards for our work and believe in accountability for our actions. We believe that by continuous review, improvement and follow through, we will achieve these core values and an outstanding reputation in the communities we serve.