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Clinical Trials

New Milford Hospital is committed to providing the most up-to-date and cutting edge treatments for patients. It is our privilege to be able to offer to interested patients the opportunity to participate in selected regional and national clinical trials. Our dedicated oncology research nurse will help you understand and decide whether you might benefit from a clinical trial in conjunction with your physician.

Clinical trials are an integral component for improving the treatment of cancer because they lead to higher standards of care. Currently, there are hundreds of ongoing clinical trials in the United States. Even though clinical trials are crucial for improving cancer treatment, fewer than 5% of cancer patients currently participate in them.  Some may be uninterested or unaware that they exist, have difficulty finding an appropriate clinical trial, or are ineligible to participate in one because of prior treatment interventions. In the United States, all new cancer treatment products must proceed through an orderly evaluation process. This ensures that each clinical trial has an acceptable level of safety, and demonstrates benefit to helping patients with a specific cancer before they become commercially available to other patients.

If you have questions about clinical trials, talk with your physician.