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Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

New Milford Hospital provides comprehensive licensed and accredited laboratory services in affiliation with Danbury Hospital as part of Western Connecticut Health Network. We work around-the-clock, seven days a week to test, evaluate and report results to monitor your health in collaboration with your primary care physician and physician specialists. Our highly skilled pathologists, medical technologists, phlebotomists and support staff use the latest, computerized instrumentation for quick and accurate inpatient testing. Together with our five community-based outpatient service centers, our team processes more than 2.3 million tests annually.

In addition to inpatient lab services for hospitalized patients, outpatient testing for New Milford Hospital patients is available in five convenient locations with ample parking and extended hours. For appointments at all outpatient laboratory locations, call (203) 739-4999.

60 Old New Milford Road, Brookfield

79 Sand Pit Road, Danbury

120 Park Lane (Route 202), New Milford

10 South Street, Ridgefield

22 Old Waterbury Road, Southbury

Mon-Fri 7:30 am-4:30pm, Sat 9 am-1 pm

Mon-Fri 6:30 am-5 pm, Sat 6:30 am-1 pm

Mon-Fri 7 am-5 pm, Sat 7 am-1 pm

Mon-Fri 7:30 am-3:30 pm

Mon-Fri 7:30 am-4 pm

Please stop at any of our outpatient locations with the lab orders provided by your physician. Appointments are encouraged, but not required.

If you are undergoing evaluation and/or treatement for a cancer diagnosis, you can expect that routine laboratory tests such as bloodwork will be part of your ongoing care. Your physician will need to assess your progress and needs during and following initial treatment, as well as your health status in the coming years.

As a patient of New Milford Hospital's Diebold  Family Cancer Center, you will receive considerable information about the nature of the cancer that you have. This information is generally called a "pathology report," and it is critical in determining the optimal treatment plan for you. The information is not obtained all at once; your physician will be reporting it you as it becomes available. Information obtained by laboratory testing is critical in evaluating the kind and duration of treatment you will need, as well as whether you are good candidate for other resources, such as clinical trials, genetic counseling or other treatment and support programs.

For general information about New Milford Hospital laboratory services, call 860-210-5220.