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Cardiac Rehab & Fitness

At New Milford Hospital, we offer medically supervised programs of exercise to suit the needs of:
  • Patients with a recent heart attack, heart surgery, coronary angioplasty or angina (chronic chest pain)
  • Patients with other health concerns such as high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes who want to achieve a higher level of fitness and improve their overall health
  • Healthy adults who are looking to improve their overall fitness, including strength and flexibility

Each of these groups can benefit from a program of medically supervised exercise and risk factor reduction offered by our cardiac rehabilitation specialists. Our team of registered nurses, physicians and registered dietitians will assist in developing a program tailored to meet your individual goals. No matter what your condition or level of fitness, we will create a safe and effective program just for you, closely monitoring you during each exercise session. We'll also help you adopt healthier habits to reduce your risk for future cardiac events or other illness.

How to enroll
For Cardiac Rehabilitation or the Adult Fitness Program, obtain a prescription from your primary care physician. This indicates "medical clearance" to begin either program. Once you provide us with a prescription, we will phone you to arrange an orientation time.

If you have questions, please call the New Milford Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation at 860-210-5328. Our fax number is 860-210-5329.