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Your Hospital Stay

We are pleased that you and your physician have chosen New Milford Hospital. Whenever possible, your physician will make advance arrangements for your stay and advise you of any tests that need to be complete before you arrive.

During the admission process, you will receive printed information regarding your hospital stay. If you have any questions ask you health care providers at New Milford Hospital.

Patient Safety

  • Getting out of bed- Please be very careful getting in and out of bed. Don't hesitate to call a nurse if you feel you need the assistance. Remember the hospital bed is higher than most beds and you may feel weaker and more unsteady than usual. If your physician has placed you on bed rest, do not try to get up. Ask for assistance, or use your call button.
  • Side rails- If the side rails on your bed have been placed in an upright position, please do not attempt to lower them. Side rails are for your safety. Please use your call button for assistance.
  • Leaving your floor- If it is necessary for you to leave the floor and your physician has given consent, please let your nurse know and she will make every effort to arrange for an escort. It is important that your nurse know where you are at all times.
  • Medications - Take only those medications given to you by your nurse, as they have been ordered by your physician. Medications should not be brought from home. However, if you have them, please notify your nurse.
  • Fire and Disaster Drills - While you are a patient in our hospital you may be alerted to a fire or disaster drill. Please do not be concerned if you see or hear evidence of such a drill. Drills are held on a routine basis to ensure the maximum safety of our patients. Unless instructed, patients and visitors should remain where they are.